What I Do

I’m a story alchemist. I plan, build deploy and measure content, from full-scale video and photography to articles, to social media posts.


A brain like mine enjoys chewing on challenges. I like getting to grips with the problem and finding ways to deliver unexpected ideas with amazing results. And that all starts with wrapping my head around where you are, and where you want to be.


There’s no denying it, I like making stuff. And I’m good at it. I’m passionate about crafting media and content that gets a reaction, that stops a thumb or intrigues a heart.


Building social communities is always challenging in the age of paid social, influencers and ever-changing algorithms. I get excited about ways to build connections – between ideas and people, and between fans and moments.

My history

Digital Comms Manager

Reputation management, digital fluency and social media for five brands across eight locations. From a rebuilt website to launched social campaigns, to press releases, this was a gig that put a lot of strings on an already crowded bow. And a lot of feathers in my cap.


Social & Content Director

The big kahuna. At History Will Be Kind, I worked with some incredibly talented people in social, content and PR to score big wins. From daily content calendars through to pitching, strategic campaigns and full-scale content shooting, this had it all. It was a role that brought together blue-sky thinking, boardroom flair and plenty of dirty hands.


Creative & Content Director

With a team of four designers and half a dozen suppliers to draw from, I was the fixed point of an ever-shifting landscape. With clients that are household names and plenty of shifting priorities, I led the design function across all of Ogilvy’s PR and social work.


Social Strategist

From concept to creation to resource allocation, this was a role that was half suit, half planner. I managed accounts, created campaigns, mentored a team and built some remarkable results.


Real-Time Content Breeds Real-Time Discontent

Real-time content isn’t profitable, effective or even that inspiring. So I wonder why we’re still all so focused on it?

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Content Marketing Predictions for 2018

Content marketing is ever-changing. 2018 promises to be a year where the line between enabling human contribution will be balanced by advances in technology, AI and automation.

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Ten ways to outperform in whatever you’re doing.

It’s pretty simple. Most people put in about as much work as the people they are keeping pace with. I don’t mean rivals. I mean the human pace-cars that circle the same track we’re driving. It’s not important what track that is either. For the purposes of this article, it’s whatever you’re doing right now.

The thing is, if we all work as hard as each other, we all end up the in the same place. So here are ten ways to kick the shit out of your goals.

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A Manifesto For Better Work

I wrote this a few years ago for a company that no longer exists. But I still use it to motivate myself. This is the culture I thrive in. One day, it’s the culture I’d like to build into my own agency.

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